Teacher Training Comprehensive Beginner

Comprehensive Beginner & Intermediate Mat Course:

The mat program is 50 hours:

  • 32 hours of in class room instruction from a senior level teacher
  • 10 hours of taking mat classes
  • 8 hours of self study; practice teaching & watching the support videos.

The mat program is designed for each participant to walk away with the ability to teach the Pilates mat exercises. Participants will learn a total of 28 exercises during 32 hours of in classroom instruction broken up into two sections. You will learn how to teach each exercise to a first time client, a beginner level client, an intermediate level client and how to modify each exercise.

In the first section you learn 20 beginner level exercises. The in classroom time is focused on learning the technique clearly and teaching the exercises. Participants will also learn how to modify the exercises for lower back and neck issues.

In the second section participants learn how to make each exercise more challenging for those clients that are ready to progress as well as learn 8 new exercises. Also you learn how to spot and better support those participants struggling with the technique.

Each participant will receive a manual and 4 videos to watch and review as support material.

Before registering for the course you will need either a phone or personal interview.

The cost is $900. Each participant must purchase The Anatomy of Movement book.

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We are an affiliate studio using the Beacon Pilates teacher training program