Teacher Training Comprehensive 1

This program is 225 hours

  • 70 hours of in classroom instruction from a senior level teacher.
  • 65 hours of observation.
  • 65 hours of practicing.
  • 25 hours of taking classes.

This program is designed to give teachers a firm foundation and understanding of the classical Pilates technique. Each participant will be able to give an informed and thoughtful workout to clients up to an Intermediate level. Teachers will learn how to give an appropriate class for healthy individuals as well as those recovering from injuries and chronic ailments to help them improve their overall strength and well being.

Prequisites for this course are completion of Beginner and Intermediate Mat.

Each participant will receive a manual and 8 videos to watch and review as support material throughout the course.

The first section takes 4-6 months to complete. In addition to the in classroom instruction there will be 2 written and practical exams. One for beginner system and one for first level intermediate system.

Goals for the first level program are:

  • Learn how to teach first time clients as well as how to progress clients and what clues to look for to know when a client is ready for the next level.
  • Learn the first level of intermediate exercises on all the apparatus.
  • Learn the appropriate modifications to teach to clients with low back issues that may have chronic issues or more specific disc herniation issues.
  • Learn the protocol for neck and shoulder injuries. We will also discuss what exercises are used to help build strength for these clients.
  • Learn how to safely and effectively teach individuals with osteoporosis and how to help those clients to build strength and stability.
  • Learn how to teach a beginner level tower class.
  • Learn how to teach beginner and intermediate level magic circle mat class.

The cost is $2400 to be paid upfront or $2500 broken up into 4 payments at the beginning of each section. The only cost not included is the taking of classes.

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We are an affiliate studio using the Beacon Pilates teacher training program